Road construction and traffic don't mix, and for a lot of drivers in El Paso, trying to get around road blocks and road closures means pulling moves that endanger other drivers. TxDOT has seen those moves happening and they are working on a plan to keep the roads safe and keep people from trying to beat the system.

TX DOT spokesperson Jennifer Wright says they are going to start barricading the UTEP area and the flyover ramp that goes on to I-10 and TxDOT believes that will keep people from hopefully trying to go the wrong way on freeway ramps to avoid road closures.

Wright says TXDOT came up with the plan after video of people going the wrong way on freeway ramps was shown on KFOX. She also said that when driver see orange barrels and detour signs, they just need to slow down and realize that "you'll get there alive if you obey the traffic rules."

TXDOT is also looking into possibly having an El Paso police squad car at the top of the on-ramp at UTEP to stop illegal driving.

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