According to a college professor, two stars will collide in the near future and the mammoth impact will be seen all the way from our spinning Earth.

Larry Molnar is a college professor at Calvin College in Michigan who is betting that a binary star (two stars in close orbit of each other), named KIC 9832227 will collide in 2021 or 2022, and the massive explosion will be seen by the naked eye here on earth. Molnar along with a couple of colleagues, Henry Kobulnicky and Karen Kinemuchi began looking into this particular binary star about three years ago and began documenting their observations, keeping a close eye on the star with a powerful telescope that Molnar owns which is located in New Mexico. This unique and exciting discovery is being filmed in an on-going documentary that will eventually capture this once-in-a-lifetime star collision in a documentary titled, Luminous.

This incredible phenomenon has not been witnessed by humans in over one thousand years let alone by astronomers in today’s modern world. If and when KIC 9832227 does blow up in 2021 or 2022, the colossal explosion and its brilliant red nova after effect will be visible from Earth for at least a month.

The documentary which is currently in production will probably be released sometime in 2023 after the cosmic event takes place.

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