NASA did something really cool and me being a space nerd I totally love this. Ever wonder what space sounds like? Now you can hear it! And let me tell you, it's super creepy cool.

The sound up in space is electromagnetic vibrations, and the fine scientists at NASA used specifically designed instruments to record these vibrations and made them into recordings recognizable to the human ear.

The video shows their findings on the NASA Voyager, INJUN 1, ISEE 1 and HAWKEYE probes from space. The recordings are sounds from plasma, electromagnetic vibrations and solar winds all interacting with one another.

We get to hear the noises of Saturn's Rings, Miranda, Neptune, Voice of Earth, Saturn, Jupiter, IO, Rings of Uranus, the Song of Earth and Uranus. The most active sounds come from Saturn, the rings of both Saturn and Uranus and the voice of Earth. It is so eerie to hear the voice of Earth, sounds like a bunch of bees in their hive.

You can hear sounds from space 24 hours a day, you know what I'll be listening to on my downtime. How cool!



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