Downtown El Paso has a new lunch spot and it has all the locals talking!

I’m talking about New York Gourmet Deli. The deli opened their doors just two months ago and within that short amount of time many people have been sharing their positive experiences on social media.


New York Gourmet Deli is owned by two New York brothers, Ramzi Elnaham and Abdoh Ali,  who came from the Middle East but spent most of their lives growing up in New York.

The brother’s had a few businesses in New York and it was after a visit to El Paso that made them decide to start a business here.

“We actually came to El Paso to visit because my uncle had a couple of small shops and he had been here for a couple of years and we came to visit him and we liked it over here,” said Ramzi Elnaham.

Iris Lopez
Iris Lopez

Growing up in New York, both men were used to seeing deli style shops on every New York street corner, but when they came to visit El Paso, that wasn't the case.

“We looked around and we didn't see any delis so we thought about opening up a New York deli over here and it’s been doing good a lot of people like it,” said Ramzi.

New York Gourmet deli is located just a few steps away from San Jacinto plaza at 203 Mills Ave right across the street from Park Tavern.

The deli serves a large variety of food including salads, sandwiches, smoothie, and of course New York style subs with their most famous sub being the Philly Cheese Steak.

I had to taste this Philly cheese steak myself to see if it lived up to its hype and when I tell you it was delicious, I mean it! With the first bite you can taste all the flavor and the melting cheese just adds to that flavor. I only ate half of the sub and was full so I took the other half home and when I ate it later it was STILL delicious!


The Deli offers customers a lot more than just food. Just like any other New York deli, it offers items that people might only be able to get at a gas station.

“It’s like a one stop shop because we have medicines, snacks, sodas, and chips. It’s a big menu as you can see,” said Ramzi.

Iris Lopez
Iris Lopez

Although the deli has only been open for two months, locals have shared their positive feedback on the New York style deli with some sharing that the deli is the go-to place for them during lunch time and others saying they will be trying out the deli soon!

As for whether or not both men will expand the deli? That answer is a yes! The men hope to open a New York Gourmet deli in east El Paso but are currently looking for a space.


New York Gourmet Deli

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