A wreck early this morning just after 2 am heading south on Mesa / Executive right across from the KISS-FM studios resulted in a fatal accident.

Full details are still unknown as investigators try to piece the events of the evening, speculating that speed and alcohol may have been a factor.

The vehicle apparently jumped the curb, hit a rock wall and catapulted into an embankment causing the car to crash into the building then caught on fire, setting the trees around it ablaze and busting the building windows before the whole car became engulfed in flames.

Two women were said to be in the vehicle, one was ejected onto Mesa Street and died while the other was trapped in the vehicle and unable to get out as the car caught on fire.

My heart goes out to the families of the deceased. I am forever changed by the images that I have seen today.

Be safe this New Years Eve and please let’s all look out for each other.

You can see the pictures below of the vehicle being retrieved from the embankment. The car is so charred you can barely tell what kind of vehicle it was.


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