You know me - I love to argue politics. On Monday ahead of President Trump's visit to El Paso, I got the chance to argue border security/wall with conservative political commentator, Bill O'Reilly. He was his typical self, talking over me when he didn't like what he was hearing, and trying to make it sound like I was a screaming liberal. I really enjoyed this appearance because it was just political talk and no personal ugliness. I can't wait to do it again!

You can check out some other things said about El Paso during President Trump's "Make America Great Again" rally, he held at the El Paso Country Coliseum. Guest at the event included Senator Ted Cruz and Donald Trump's son, Donald Trump Jr. It was a night where many opinions clashed, just like in this podcast debate. Luckily, El Pasoans and visitors didn't get too crazy. That was a big worry for man.

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