Has it been a year already? Wow time fly's when good music is on. Here is a list of the songs that we loved in 2013...did your favorite tune make the list?

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    This song, although seemingly recent on the charts was a knock out for 2013. It was everywhere, and still is. Couldn't get away from this "Queen Bee".

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    If you loved the blockbuster flick "Pitch Perfect", you were sure to love Anna Kendrick's version of Cups. Heck, even if you didn't love the movie it is a catchy song and were bound to sing along.

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    We Can't Stop

    Miley sure made an appearance in 2013 and it all started where she "couldn't stop". This was another catchy tune that we will not forget for years to come.

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    Wrecking Ball

    Another Miley Cyrus song?! It certainly looks like it. With the attention she called to herself in 2013 she sure was a marketing genius with self....promotion?

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    Suit and TIe

    Justin made all the guys suit up with his unforgettable duet with Jay-Z. Suit and Tie revived Justin's music career. Not only revived it, but put it high in the sky...number one album in 45 countries to be exact and still holding Billboard records.

  • 5

    Blurred Lines

    If you had never heard of Robin Thicke before, you most certainly heard him in 2013...over and over again. This hot single seemed to have been the hit we couldn't get enough of and couldn't get away from!

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    Still Into You

    Paramore certainly surprised us with their hit in 2013. They not only showed up with a strong presence, but now they are around to stay. Guess you can say we are "still into them".

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    Let Me Love You

    You know every time this tune comes on you sing it at the top of your lungs! Ne-yo has made a strong presence in 2013 and just when you thought he had faded out. Dance music reigned in 2013.

  • 2

    Gangnam Style

    The dance took the world by storm and we all sang it and danced to it in the car. Psy made a mark in America that's for sure!

  • 1

    Get Lucky

    Daft Punk certainly didn't "get lucky" with the latest album Random Access Memories, they made a huge statement that they weren't a early 2000's band anymore!

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