It's almost that time of the year we say one thing but do another again! I can pledge I'm apart of the group of people who plan to do better but instead do the opposite. I recall having a lot of lunch dates with friends talking about our new year's resolutions. Which you know making plans is easier to do than actually following through with them.

My friends and I struggled with New Year's resolutions then and still do now. If you didn't know El Paso came in 71st place for keeping your New Year's resolutions. However you look at it, El Paso isn't doing that bad by sticking to our future plans. The scale starts with 1 being the best to 182 being the worst. Thankfully El Paso placed exactly 20 spots before the halfway mark for worst cities to keep resolutions.

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    Props to you if you've been continuing the gym journey since you committed to it! This one seems to be the number one resolution people resort to. They don't say it's a new year, new you for nothing. But what most of us have a problem with is committing our time and dedication. My girlfriends and I would try and schedule gym dates together but eventually got too busy for the gym.

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    I know you're like me and make a list of things to cut out of your budget for the new year. It's hard to go from your occasional coffee stops to strictly one cup at the office. As it is I could have saved a ton of money by not signing up for a gym membership. I sign up and then hit a bump in the road and go M.I.A. for months. I have been that person who got a membership and paid for nothing.

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    When it comes to our career we always plan on excelling but things can distract us from our plan. Things and people can be a distraction in a way it can affect your goals. One day I was given an ultimatum that I will always remember. I had to either choose loving someone I didn't belong with or choose to continue my career with radio. Clearly, I am still on the air which means I chose my career over that person. When I was in college I remember always making a resolution I could never keep. I always said I would be more studious but never kept up with my word.

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    Bad Habits

    I have really improved on one bad habit I used to be guilty of. I used to be that person who would leave a cart in the incorrect drop-off. Of course, being speedy Gonzalez, I would leave it between the cars. Since I achieved that resolution I am now aiming for a new resolution that I have attempted since I gained a mouth like a sailor. I will be trying to really be a lady and not so much of a sailor in 2019!

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    I remember swearing off men back in the day before meeting my son's father. I can tell I have accomplished and learned a lot from the past relationships I've been in. When you're single going into the new year it isn't so bad as you think. Singles usually share one resolution in common with other singles. That would be focusing more on yourself to be a better human being for your future partner in crime!