El Pasoans, Las Cruces residents and pretty much anyone else close to our area are anxiously awaiting the grand opening of Top Golf. Rumor has it, Top Golf should have opened late last year. We are now getting close to February but have finally been given a little tease of what is to come.

The night started with a fancy drink given to me the second I walked through the doors. The Top Golf employees truly know how to welcome their guests. We quickly were taken on a tour of the new building and told about all the greatness that is to come. My favorite part of the building has to be the lounge on the top floor, with the fire pits and scenic views. Top Golf plans to host live music nights, which will give artists such a beautiful, cozy place to play.

If you are like me, golf really isn't your favorite thing to play but Top Golf's gaming strategy is crazy fun. It is like if skeeball and golf had a baby, it would be Top Golf. It was my first time swinging a golf club and I did horrible. I hit the machine with the first ball I hit. I am completely sorry, Top Golf people. Even though I did embarrass myself, I do plan to go back and practice my swing. Plus, I am completely in love with their menu. Specifically, the Garlic Mashed Potatoes. They are like clouds of heaven.

Top Golf did not give a specific date for their opening but it should be soon. Very soon. Mike suspects it is going to be on Super Bowl weekend.

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