Recently, KISS asked the question on social media. "If you could add just one thing in town to make El Paso better. What would it be?" The response was tremendous! Hundreds of comments were made requesting everything from museums to an open-air music venue. Similar to the ones in Houston and Dallas. Other comments mentioned an aquarium, "Old Western Town" park, River Walk (similar to San Antonio's), Bubba Gump's restaurant, and even a beach. While most of the responses are worthy of consideration, the number one request was Six Flags.

El Pasoans want a large city amusement park. While El Paso is an often overlooked city in the US, in Mexico, El Paso is a destination city. Thousands of people from all around Northern Mexico plan, in advance, to visit our city for shopping and entertainment. Our sister city alone has over a million citizens ready to support our Six Flags!

I've reached out to Six Flags for comment. I'll let you know when I hear something!

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