Here’s a list of some creative and fun ways to dine while stuck in quarantine during COVID-19.

Now that the stay home order has been extended through April 30th we should consider really getting comfortable with our surroundings and start to think outside the box to avoid cabin fever woes.

Married, single, with kids, or with roommates – here are a few creative ideas to keep your quarantine dining fun, and memorable.


The weather has been beautiful as of late and it just begs for a picnic in your back yard. Fire up the grill while the kids play outdoors while getting some much-needed vitamin D under the El Paso sun.  If you don’t have a backyard then maybe have it on a porch or spread a blanket in the middle of your living room and do it there but don't go grilling indoors - break out with the hibachi instead.

Al Fresco

Whether living solo, with roommates or a family of four, consider dining al fresco. If you have a balcony or a small porch consider having your breakfast outdoors or enjoy your dinner with music playing in the background as you bask under the moonlight.

Date Night

Couples can have a date night out indoors – make plans with each other to order take out or start by cooking together and break out with the good china and glassware and make it a quarantine night in. If you have kids, order pizza for them and let them have a video game night or movie party so that you have some alone time.

Breakfast in Bed

You don’t have to wait for the weekend to have breakfast in bed with your loved one. Now that most of us are working from home it’s so much easier to make this a bi-weekly habit minimum. Couples can take turns making breakfast while binge-watching your favorite TV shows together while single folks can have the remotes all to themselves.

Old Fashion Style

When was the last time you sat down as a family at the dinner table just like in the good ol' days? This is a great opportunity for everyone to talk and even express their thoughts on what’s going on in the world. If you live alone then pick up that phone and have a virtual dinner chat with a friend or family member.

We all are doing our best to adjust to a new normal but that doesn’t mean that we’ve stopped living – so keep getting out of bed, wear something else than jammies, brush your hair and let’s get to living our best lives indoors as best as we can.

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