The burrito.

A warm fluffy tortilla filled with any number of meats, beans, cheese and one or more of your favorite toppings. Want it loaded up fat, or longer than your forearm? Yes, and yes. Guac and sour cream? Heck yeah. Salsa? Um, yes, please.

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Few foods are more delicious and convenient than a burrito. Seriously, I wish more things were burritos. It's an entire meal in your hand. And we El Pasoans have it good because our city is full of places to get your burrito on -- morning, noon, and night.

Using my own voodoo science consisting of a mix of Yelp and Foursquare ratings, our listeners input, opinions of trusted burrito lovers, and my own belly, I compiled this list of where to find heaven wrapped in aluminum foil.

La Colonial Tortilla Factory Facebook
La Colonial Tortilla Factory Facebook

La Colonial Tortilla Factory
• 212 N. Copia

Valentine's Bakery
• 11930 Picasso Dr (at Zaragoza and Vista Del Sol )

Burritos Crisostomo
• 1420 Lee Trevino • 5658 N. Mesa • 985 N. Resler • 1330 George Dieter

Edward Gallardo III
Edward Gallardo III

Rafas Burritos
• 1831 Montana Ave • 408 Dodge Rd • 1580 George Dieter Dr • 14636-14648 Montana Ave • 10000 North Loop Dr, Socorro

Vista Quality Markets/Vista Central Market
• 3920 Doniphan Dr. • 10005 Alameda Avenue • 2231 Zaragoza Rd

The Burrito House
• 9844 Dyer St

Rivas Taco Shop Facebook
Rivas Taco Shop Facebook

Rivas Taco Shop
• 1342 N Zaragoza

Burro Time
• 7945 N. Mesa

Rita’s Burritos
• 4907 Crossroads Dr

Super Burro

• 5819 Dyer St

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