I do not know if there are rules to what qualifies as a burrito. We always have the food argument when it comes to Chico's Tacos as to the way the tacos are rolled. Does that make them flautas? That argument is for another day. Going back to burritos, a newly opened burrito joint, Rita's Burritos just celebrated their grand opening on the West Side. The owner, Gilbert Meraz took to Facebook to share the restaurant's story, which is a great story, but I was so caught up on his experience with Arizona residents.

As homegrown El Pasoans, Gilbert and his wife first opened up Rita's in Chandler, Arizona due to the need for authentic homemade Mexican food. When Arizona residents first started trying their burritos they were shocked that the burritos didn't include rice, bean, sour cream and expensive avocado. The resistance from Arizona customers was strong, according to Gilbert. They didn't appreciate the glory that is handmade tortillas, perfectly packed with deliciousness.

Mainstream burrito making has create this horrible stereotype of what a burrito should be to those who did not grow up with delicious homemade burritos all through childhood. Those restaurants wouldn't know a good burrito if their Abuelita hit them with it. Nothing beats homemade, just saying.

You can check out Gilbert's story from El Paso to Arizona and back to El Paso in the Facebook post below.

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