Today's society is strange, like you already didn't know that. We follow the lives of others by watching reality TV and social medias. We have become so obsessed with other peoples reality we sometimes get lost in it. This is where vial videos are born.


Starting this countdown, and just getting right to it. LEAVE BRITNEY ALONE! When your favorite singer is getting "picked on" by people the only thing to do is tell them to stop, right? Well this video received over 49 million youtube views and is proof we love people who humiliate themselves.


Chocolate anyone? Tay Zonday decided to set up his camera one day and sing a little tune. That tune got over 101 million YouTube views and to this day still makes me laugh. But Tay is laughing all the way to the bank recording songs now all because of his YouTube fame.


Antoine Dodson said, "hide yo wife, hide yo kids", and everyone heard that! The situation was not a thing to laugh about when his sister woke up to an intruder in bed with her. The news station really found gold with Antoine Dodson, racking in over 60 million YouTube views.


Rainbows are pretty, and obviously to this guy they're very exciting. Double rainbow on Youtube once again proves we love when people humiliate themselves for our amusement.  With over 41 million views, I guess we can say that rainbows can make the world a crazy beautiful place.


All of those other viral videos are cool but Psy takes the cake. Over 2.3 billion, that's with a "B", logged in to watch this crazy asian dance his booty off. You also get to hear a pretty cool song while you watch the craziness, it's kinda nice. Gangnam Style reigns.




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