A video was shared on the Dallas Texas TV Facebook page that shows an attempted multi-motorcycle stunt that went incredibly askew on a hectic Houston, Texas freeway.

Interesting timing, too. I was literally (and I do mean literally) thinking about taking an Introduction to Motorcycle class here in East Texas. Somehow, the idea of learning to ride a bike and doing a little cruising on our lovely country roads sounded appealing.

Granted, I was NEVER planning on engaging in any sort of behavior similar to what you'll see in the video below. Regardless, watching this video has me rethinking the entire endeavor altogether. At least for the time being until I can happily forget what I just watched.

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A group of motorcycle enthusiasts decided to try a new stunt on a busy Houston, Texas freeway, apparently.

But let's just say it did NOT go as planned. At least, we don't THINK this is what they meant to do. But honestly, sometimes it's hard to know for sure. It seems like so many people are simply doing whatever they can to get attention online these days. But really, if they planned for this to happen they likely don't need to be allowed to ride their bikes on our Texas roads.

The attempted stunt took place on the Southwest Freeway in Houston. And really, I don't need to say much more. You can watch the video just below. 

Oh. My. Gosh. Obviously, the first thought for many of us is the hope that those who crashed in the video are okay. My second thought is regarding how dangerous this was--not only for them but other drivers around them.

Be sure to check out the comments. Let's just say some of those replies were less than kind. Others showed concern. And apparently, some just thought the whole thing was hilarious to watch. (That's hard for me to imagine when lives are at stake, but I'm kind of a softie.)

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