The wind in Lubbock has been relentless lately. It's carried out trampolines into power lines and filled out mouths with dirt. Forget fixing your hair in the morning. The walk to the car from your house is sure to destroy it. A video posted to TikTok recently is a reminder that the wind around these parts is out for blood!

Okay, maybe it's not that bad, but this video is friggin' hilarious and I thought it might resonate with you.

TikTok user @amberr.t1 shared a video 3 days ago, which appears to be caught by a home security camera. It cracked me up, probably because it's happened to me before. Nothing quite like getting owned by a trashcan lid.

Check it out below:

The comment section had me rolling. Here are some of the funniest ones:

"Lol I thought she was going to get the strap"

"Why she jus give up tho"

"That'll wake ya up"

"you said nah not today I'm done"

"The trash lid is choosing violence lol"

"She didn't want the smoke"

"The wind here is savage"

"That dumpster bout that life cuhh"

"And yep that's the last time she went 4 the trash can"

"Lol might as well keep going you already got hit"

"Why she walk back like she about to yell at somebody in the house"

Alright, that's enough of that. Poor girl. I hope you guys enjoyed that ridiculous video and that you feel better about the time a trashcan smacked you in the face. I'm pretty sure it's happened to us all.

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