Halloween brings out all the scary, gruesome movies on TV and rentals fly off the shelves! But what exactly are the scariest movies of all time? Here are the top 5...beware!


  • 1

    The Exorcist

    This movie bar none is the absolute scariest movie of all time. Many have vowed to never see it, or never watch it again. The fact that it plays on mental and psychological aspects  makes it that much more scary.

  • 2

    The Shining

    Jack Nicholson is seriously freaky as a crazed novelist who tries to chop his family to little pieces after a particularly stressful winter. Who wouldn't get freaked out by this movie!

  • 3


    This movie was just down right bone chilling! And so serious at times it's hard not to get spooked! Michael Myers will forever be a character to be afraid of.

  • 4


    Not only did the actual ghost freak me out in this movie, but the little old lady was just plain creepy! So sad the little girl actually died after filming.

  • 5

    The Evil Dead

    This movie is so evil that even the trees rip teenagers apart! It has enough  murder and supernatural mayhem to warrant an NC-17 rating. It's a great Halloween flick!

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