It's October, and that means it's time for all things scary - scary movies, scary music, scary costumes.  But what about everyday scary things?  Things that make us jump out of our skin even though we hear them all the time...

I get scared by conventional things, things that people don't normally associate with Halloween, but are pretty dang scary nonetheless!

1.  Children laughing - kids laughing while you're in the same room or house is an uplifting sound, unless they're seeing who can spin around the most times without throwing up.  But kids laughter from far away sounds creepy and just like what you would hear before the Children of the Corn show up!

2.  Screeching tires - you know the scenario, you're cruising along Mesa, thinking about all the money you're going to contribute to the economy at Sunland Park Mall, when you hear the unmistakable squeal of rubber on road.  Every muscle tenses, your hands grip the wheel so tight you leave imprints of your fingers on it, and you close your eyes and brace for impact.  The good news is, 9 times out of 10, nothing happens.  The bad news is, you have to replace your underwear when you get to the mall.


3.  Emergency Alert System Tone - working in radio, we hear that alert tone all the time, but I've never gotten used to it.  My heart skips a beat until I hear the scary man say "This is a monthly test of the Emergency Alert System".  What he should say is, "Someone throw some water on Tricia because she passed out when the alert tone sounded."


4.  Carrie Underwood singing - specifically, Carrie Underwood singing the "Monday Night Football" theme song.  I don't have anything against Carrie - I didn't like hearing Faith Hill either.  Breaking news, breaking news!  I just found out that it is the "Sunday Night Football" theme song Carrie sings.  I don't like that one either!

5.  "Um..." - this two letter word can strike fear in any woman when spoken by her hairstylist.  We've all been there.  It's 3 days before your wedding, a major job interview, or the party where you're sure to run into your ex and his new girlfriend, and you're suddenly looking at a Carol Brady shag.  Yup, "um", is the scariest sound of all!

Happy Halloween!

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