We know getting to work these days is tough because of all the road construction, so if you're running late, try giving your boss one of these great excuses:

5. You got stuck behind that parent in the school drop off line who takes forever to get her kids out of the car.
4. Two words - Chico's Tacos.
3. The line at Bowie Bakery was extra long and you just couldn’t face the day without some pan dulce.
2. Somebody turned on their sprinklers which everyone mistook for rain and started calling KISS FM to see if school and work were cancelled for the day.
1. TxDOT threw a dart at the city map and decided it was your turn to have your work route covered in orange barrels.

Now you don't have to worry about being late ever again because you can print this list and have it in your car ready to go the next time you oversleep.

KISS FM, always looking out for our listeners. You're welcome.

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