I was at the store the other day and checking in on the Kim/Kanye situation. Yes, I dig me the Kardashians and it is a hill I will die on. Everyone has a silly pop culture thing they love and the Kardashians are mine. Anyway, I was standing there and a woman standing behind me saw what I was looking at and we started talking about it when a woman in the line next to us rolled her eyes and said “With as much as is going on in the world that is what you are looking at?”

I hate that phrase. It’s like, yes there is a lot going on in the world but we all need a break occasionally from the Ukraine war/ongoing COVID/will COVID end/Democrats vs Republicans/Durangito arena nonsense that fills our feeds and our brains. We asked our Mike and Tricia listeners what phrase they hate and the came up with some good ones:


Patsy gave us a phrase we love after the one she hates

I hate ‘Respect is earned’. Then she said ‘Respect should be default. Disrespect is earned.’ Yikes! That’s deep!

We totally feel Alex on this one

Mine is any social media post that starts off with “I know many probably won’t read this…” or any variation of that phrase. Seems manipulative to me.

Scott has a workplace phrase he hates

“you know”. Especially in an interview. If I knew, I would not have asked.

Office rage series - businesswoman received bad news
Peter Bernik

Izzy has a 90s reference phrase she hates

As if!! and For Reals!!!

GQ I hate to tell you but I say this one a lot

The phrase I hate is “I’m just saying”

Margie put the hammer down about the phrase she hates

We've always done it that way! I heard it all the time when I was in PTA so I made it very clear when I was President that no one should ever utter those words in my presence.

Mario we feel ya man

The phrase that I hate the most is when people say It must be nice to have all that as if you don’t work hard to get what you own like smh come on people

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