El Paso has a lot of 5's, here are 4 of them.

The number 5 has a special significance for numerologists, the superstitious and conspiracy theorists alike. Not to mention this guy ...

For numerologists, the number 5, when paired with a person, represents a soul who is vey sensory driven. They crave excitement, change and challenge and they love to get out and do things; not just read about them. Freedom is also a biggie with "5" peeps.

On the downside, they're scared of commitment and unreliable ... according to this numerology website anyway. I think these folks are fine.  Especially the ones that listen to ninety 5 point 5.  (Shameless plug, yes, but I do mean that.)

For (some) superstitious types, numbers relate to the elements and 5, along with 2 and 8, is related to the earth.  Not sure I get that 1 but, whatever. Musicians are into "5's', too as pretty much all of them are very familiar with 5 note, "pentatonic" scales.

The conspiracy theorists really have a "5" thing when it comes to the Freemasons and our nations capitol. The Washington monument, for example, stands 500 feet tall and is topped with a 55 foot pyramid. The Pentagon is 5 stories high, has 5 sides, 5 ring corridors and the [park in the center takes up 5 acres. (wikipedia)

The 5G cellular service we're all so excited about looks a little sketchy too.

Here in El Paso, we have 5 Points which led me to see how the number 5 figures in around here. That turned out to be kind of a letdown as there is no sinister connotation there. It was chosen because of the streets that intersect at its heart. Which, according to this article, only numbered 4. I didn't look into this any farther as I was out of beer and it was late.

The top 4 El Paso "5's" I came up with mean nothing to numerologists, conspiracy theorists or the superstitious. They're actually all, except for (4-get it?) 5 Points, non-El Paso based, corporations.

Yes, like the original 5 points street count, I stopped my 5 list at 4. I'm cool like that.


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