Fort Bliss announced last week that they were going to ban the post's soldiers from a number of El Paso establishments in order to keep them and those around them safe from harm. There have been a few incidents in recent weeks that involved troops from Fort Bliss and officials there said the best way to curb that kind of activity is to make the establishments where problems keep happening off limits to soldiers.

A local news station spoke with Fort Bliss officials and they said that while they understand wanting to go out when someone is 21, post officials also have a responsibility to educate the soldiers on post about areas of town that might pose a danger to them and how to avoid them. There was a lot of activity about this story on different social media accounts but really, when you think about it, Fort Bliss did the right thing and they should be commended for taking a stand against the establishments they banned troops from.

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The Rockin' Cigar Bar and Grill on Cincinnati, Dreams Cabaret, Jaguars, Back Nine, Cool Arrows, Herb N Legends, Best Food Mart,
and the Bo-De-Gas Graff Head Shop are all on the list of businesses that Fort Bliss soldiers are not allowed to patronize. You can see why some of them are on the list. They are often in the news for problems and many times those problems have involved soldiers from the base.

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There are a lot of soldiers who are away from home for the first time and it's not like being away at college where the only person that a student would have to answer to is their parents. These soldiers are in the Army and they are required to act under a certain code of conduct and they are answering to a hierarchy of officers who are responsible for maintaining troop integrity. I think Fort Bliss did the right thing in saying these businesses are off limits. They are showing that they are acting in the best interest of our troops and our country by keeping them from situations where they might get into trouble.

Good job Fort Bliss!

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