There are a few places that some friends and I believe cougars and sugar daddies like to hunt at. I have seen it firsthand at these three places that I have listed below. If you're wondering if I was there looking for a sugar daddy, you're dead wrong. There are three places we narrowed it down to with the most cougars and manthers. A cougar is an older woman looking for a younger dude and a manther what they call men who prefer younger women. Those places are as follows, Teddy's, Funkmeyers, and Pershing Inn. I have a legitimate reason for visiting these three places then. Each place and every time I would visit would be an encounter to remember. Not only would these be the places to meet that type, but also the places to hang out with your much older date. I am in no way shape or form making any fun but simply stating my own personal opinion. Pick the place down below that has the most cougars and manthers in El Paso!

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    It was 2013, after a Mushroom head concert the band invited their fans (us) to an afterparty. The afterparty after the concert was going to be held at The Holiday Inn on Airway and Gateway West. As you already know Best Western Plus is connected to a night club called Teddy's. My ex and I were leaving the afterparty passing by Teddy's and noticed the older crowd letting loose.

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    Funkmeyers Rec Room

    As for Funkmeyers Rec Room, it has changed a lot since they first opened. I remember visiting that place with my best friends and used to be a hot spot for the younger crowd. But for a while now that crowd has changed and is a mix of younger and older locals. Heck, you sometimes even spot a cougar with a younger dude and vice versa.

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    Pershing Inn

    There is another fun spot that actually brings Millenials, Gen X, and sometimes Baby Boomers together. That spot happens to be located in Central that goes by the name of Pershing Inn. I used to go with my kickball team every Thursday after our game. Pershing Inn is the place you will see all ages interacting with each other and some leave together.