It is that time of the year when family and friends will be coming into town for this Thanksgiving break. When that time comes around you start cracking down on the best places to reunite at. There are a lot of places to have that long-time reunion you've been counting down the days for. I remember when friends would call me up letting me know they were going to be in town and plan where to reunite at.

In my opinion, the best places you can enjoy a reunion with relatives or friends are the ones that celebrate Thanksgiving. The hotspots you would want to meet up at are the ones you can either celebrate or take advantage of the deals. The two places I have seen that are celebrating Thanksgiving in a special way are Tin Man and DeadBeach Brewery. If you need help picking out a place to enjoy your Thanksgiving reunion, refer to the list below.

  • Getty Images
    Getty Images

    Tin Man

    Tin Man will be open on Thanksgiving Day starting at 9 am. All locations in El Paso will be open on Thanksgiving Day and will close at 6 pm. In honor of Thanksgiving, Tin Man has quite the special going on that day. If you're choosing Tin Man for your reunion don't forget to take your clean growler with you. When you take your clean growler you must say "Gobble Gobble" and get your free gobble gobble (no purchase necessary). Plus on Wednesday and Black Friday it is penny growler fills.

  • Veronica Gonzalez
    Veronica Gonzalez

    DeadBeach Brewery

    DeadBeach Brewery will be having their Kegsgiving party Wednesday, November 27. This place enjoys celebrating and sharing their new beers with you. They will have live music with Scatterbrain on their patio stage. Plus, their food menu will have a delicious and special Thanksgiving vibe.

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