E-readers are really popular, but if you have an older one hanging around the house that isn't connected to the internet, you might want to do that or else risk not being able to use it anymore.

Kindle e-readers usually update themselves, but they have to be connected to the internet to so do. If you have a Kindle from 2012 or before, there are updates that need to be done or it will no longer be able to connect to the Internet. For the most part, Kindles update themselves when you connect to the web, but if you haven't used your older model Kindle, or haven't kept it connected to the internet, or turned it off, you only have through today, Monday, March 21, to update it. If you don't, there will be no more online access, no web services, no Kindle Store.

On March 22, you'll get an “unable to connect” message. To get the update then, you'll have to download software using your PC, then manually install it. You'll still be able to read whatever e-books are currently on your Kindle.