On the interwebs one of the funniest things that I've read is what people would text someone if they were in trouble. People usually say things like, "I love my job!" or anything having to do with working out or giving up alcohol. My family and friends know that if I texted them "Hey, I think I'm not going to drink wine anymore," or "I think I'll go for a run!" that they should definitely call the police because I would never say either one of those things. So we asked our Mike and Tricia Mornings listeners on the 93.1 KISS FM mobile app what they would say. One of our listeners even said that she called her best friend and told her that they should come up with a phrase that they would text each other if they were in trouble and needed help after app chatting with us. Mike and Tricia Mornings - we're all about keeping our listeners safe!

Marty says:
"I'm at the gym!!" It would scare the heck out of them and they would figure something is wrong."

Indoor bycicle cycling in gym

Vero says:
"My family would so know something is up of I asked for a burger or any food for that matter WITH onion..."

Whole and sliced onions on wooden cutting board.

Paulina says:
"You know what? I don't like Disney anymore..in fact.. I don't ever wanna set foot in Disneyland again!!"
They'd all be like "....ok what's going on with this girl??" "


Marisela says:
"I’m done with karaoke, I don’t think it’s for me anymore. My friends and family would definitely think something is up. Lol."

Woman sing over color background. Focused on arm.

Cristina says:
"The Lord of the Rings and everything Tolkien sucks. "

Man sitting on a sofa watching tv with hands folded behind his head

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