Today, observed on the last Sunday in September, is National Gold Star Mother's Day was generated to recognize and honor those that have lost their daughter or son while serving our country in the United States Armed Forces.  A gold star symbolizes a family member who died in the line of duty.

Every year on Gold Star Mother's Day the U.S. President calls on ALL Americans to display the nation's flag and hold meetings for sharing their love, sorrow, and reverence towards Gold Star Mothers and their families.  Today you will see government buildings displaying (required) the American flag.  Previous activities included a Gold Star flower wreath laying service, as well as an afternoon tour of President Lincoln’s cottage in Washington DC.

The tradition of the Gold Star began during World War II.  During the early days of the war, a blue star was used on service flags and hung in businesses and homes to show each living active- duty member.  As men were killed in combat, the gold star was put over on the blue star to honor the person for their ULTIMATE sacrifice to OUR country!  The mothers of those fallen service members became known as Gold Star Mothers, and their families Gold Star Families.

Fort Bliss National Cemetery is open from sunrise to sunset.  Everyone from KISS and El Paso sends our regards and appreciation to the mother's and families for all those that served.  Our KISS hats to our hearts!

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