Whataburger is celebrating its 70th birthday with a free Whataburger this week but the deal expires this Sunday, August 9, 2020.

How do you take your Whataburger? Apart from the taste, Whataburger’s appeal is that the consumer gets to create his or her own burger as they wish, no questions asked.

Now through this Sunday, hardcore Whataburger fans can help themselves to an extra burger thanks to the iconic burger chain’s 70 birthday celebration.

The free Whataburger offer is redeemable by presenting the offer when ordering by opening the barcode on the Whataburger app or when ordering online.

According to Whataburger’s website - Orders can be made by signing into an existing Whataburger account or creating an account by downloading the Whataburger App. The order must include at least one No. 1 Whataburger, and add-ons are an additional fee. The limit is one offer per customer.

Last year, a Chicago investment firm acquired a majority stake in the Texas-born fast-food chain Whataburger. The fast-food chain opened back in 1950 in Corpus Christi and soon after expanded across the country with over 800 storefronts.


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