With over 1.7 million followers, Joe Anthony Guerrero has a pretty great fan base.

I have written about this TikToker before because I appreciate his love for El Paso, Texas. He is originally from Georgia, but just like Khalid, his love for El Paso is strong.

While scrolling throw TikTok, I cam across another one of his videos and this one really captures the love El Pasoans have for each other and those who love the city.


Turns out they watch my videos and recognized me! ♥️much love

♬ original sound - editor

As you can see, these ladies do not miss a beat when they see Joe bust out his dance moves in Downtown El Paso.

In the comment section, many TikTokers call out how this is typical for El Pasoans. They recognized Joe and just wanted to show their appreciation for him and his moves.

As Joe walks around Downtown El Paso, I am surprised he wasn't filming even more videos of him dancing under the twinkling lights of WinterFest.

If you haven't been Downtown during the holiday season, you really need to make plans to. Especially if you love those perfect photo and TikTok opportunities. Everything is so beautifully decorated, it is really easy to snap a new Christmas card photo.

Plus you can support local vendors and ice skate in Downtown El Paso during the holiday season when you visit WinterFest. I recommend going early because I have seen people waiting in lines to snap selfies under certain Christmas lights. That might be a bummer for some, but remember to live in the moment too.

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