Three weeks ago, a man walked into the Cielo Vista Walmart and opened fire. He killed 22 people and wounded another 27 innocent people who were only there to do some Saturday morning shopping. The Walmart and Sam's Club have been closed, first because there was an active police investigation into the incident, but they remained closed even after the investigation concluded. The Walmart, according to company officials, will be reopening in three or four months. Residents in the area don't have to wait anymore to shop in the Cielo Vista Sam's Club. It has reopened for shoppers.

Sam's Club Manager Daniel Martinez spoke to a news station and said that he "appreciates the outpouring of support and kindness following the tragic incident that occurred next door to our store." Martinez said that through the hard work of employees and with the support of the community, Sam's Club at Cielo Vista reopened so that they could do what they do best, take care of its members.

Because the Walmart is still closed and the street leading to both stores, Sunmount, remains closed, you will have to use a different route to get to Sam's Club. You can get to Sam's Club store from Gateway Blvd or Westmoreland Drive. You cannot use Sunmount Drive or Edison Way. It's not known when those streets will reopen.

There has been a lot of talk about whether the Cielo Vista Walmart should reopen. I don't know what is right or wrong in that situation, but I do know that if we don't move forward, the scumbag who did this to us will win, and that is the worst thing that could happen in the wake of the attack of August 3, 2019. We need to remember those who died, take care of those who were wounded, and make sure that we don't cower in fear because this horrible person came to our city. Excuse my language, but screw him. He doesn't know how strong El Paso is. By returning to a regular life, we show him he didn't win.

El Paso Strong. Don't forget it.

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