On August 3, 2019, the community of El Paso was traumatized by a mass shooting at the Cielo Vista Walmart. On that horrible day, 22 people were killed, and 27 were injured. In the days and weeks since the terrorist attack there has been a lot of speculation about what would happen at the Walmart site. Should it reopen? Should it be razed and a park be put in its place? Should there be a memorial on the site? What kind of memorial? How big? In the store or outside of the store?

There are a lot in the community of El Paso who feel that the store should never open and say that they will never shop there again, but it seems like even more El Pasoans are ready to go back to shopping at the Cielo Vista Walmart. Mike and I asked many of our listeners what they thought and the overwhelming response was include a memorial to the victims but reopen the Walmart. So many listeners told us that the store is their neighborhood store and so many people are employed there that to close it permanently would be to let the suspect win.

Now there is word from Walmart and they say they do plan to reopen the Cielo Vista store within the next three to four months. Officials with Walmart say there will be extensive renovations done to the store including new flooring, fixtures, and merchandise. They will also have a memorial to the shooting victims.

News reports say Walmart officials will be working with their employees and members of the community on the concept and design.

Walmart has notified city officials of their plans. Mayor Dee Margo called the plans to reopen the store "a testament to the resilience of our community."

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