These are the three distinct condiments that El Pasoans, including myself, can't live without, and we are always adding them to our food.

Thanks to our cultural heritage on both sides of the border, El Paso is full of vibrant and exotic flavors. You cannot only score some of the best Mexican food in El Paso, but our love for food exemplifies best just how passionate we are about life overall.

Three different condiments come to mind as staples of the average El Pasoan palette, including chile, lime, and chamoy.

Chile / Hot Sauce / Salsa


El Pasoans are notorious for enjoying their food spicy; the spicer, the better. Chile or salsa is prominent with morning eggs, can roll into a midday snack on chips, and most definitely at dinner time. Adding chile to every meal is not necessarily reserved for Mexican food; I add chile to all my meals, from traditional tacos to fried fish and even salads and sandwiches.  

Best chile/food combination in El Paso: The Torreado Mac and Cheese at RibHut.


Cynthia Lopez

Limes are the life-blood for many El Pasoans. We add it to our food, drinks and even add them to our beauty routines. Whether you’re drinking it in a Limonada, adding it to your Menudo, or using it as a beauty ingredient, limes are a hot commodity around here. I add lime daily to my morning tea and practically all my food throughout the day. When used in beauty, whether taken orally or applied topically, lime can benefit your skin in several ways.

Best lime/food combination in El Paso: Adding a ton of freshly squeezed lime juice to any Mexican-style shrimp cocktail like the one at The Johnny Cash Bar


El Chucoviche-Mariscos y Micheladas FB

Chamoy is a sweet and spicy concoction that emerged in Mexico back in the 1970s made with fruit, such as apricot, mango or plum, chilies, and lime juice. The yummy condiment is usually added to fruit or drinks and is bottled and sold in varying spiciness degrees. 

Best chamoy / food combination in El Paso: Any fruit or Clamato combination from El Chucoviché-Maríscos y Michéladas covered in thier in house-made Chamoy.  

What's your go-to condiment that screams El Paso?

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