The holiday season is a time to spread love and joy, but here in El Paso, some people start stealing ornaments. Yes, three grown adults have been arrested and accused of stealing two ornaments from the newly decorated San Jacinto Plaza.

According to ABC-7, Steven Gutierrez, 19, was seen stealing the ornaments and then ran into a vehicle where Victoria Elizabeth Rivera, 21, and Rocio Espinoza, 20, were allegedly waiting to drive away. They drove off, ran a red light, but El Paso police stopped them by I-10 and Copia.

All three involved were arrested and charged with theft. They were taken into the El Paso County Detention Facility with a bond of $227.

This weekend, the Celebration of Lights will kickoff the holiday season in Downtown El Paso. It's a beautiful, family event that is even live on ABC-7! Yet, I feel this ridiculous act kinda puts a gloomy feeling over the event. I know it was only two ornaments, but it is just the idea of we can't have nice things, without someone having to do something dumb. You could play a drinking game with this crime, if you hear someone make a joke while you are out at the Celebration of Lights, take a shot of egg nog.

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