This week, GLAAD's Transgender Awareness Week was founded in 1998 by a trans advocate in honor of trans woman Rita Hester's memory, TDOR has been commemorated every year by vigils and other community-based events.  This week helps raise awareness the visibility of trans people and the unique issues they face.

Even though life seemed pretty bleak post November 9th, and even when you consider that 2016 has been DECLARED the "DEADLIEST YEAR ON RECORDfor transgender Americans, with twenty four trans people- MOST women of color- MURDERED so far.

So many media platforms have been out this week in support and educating the entire nation from the View, to all news outlets to even Google which had their creative director Tea Uglow said, "At the start of Transgender Awareness Week, we both celebrate the progress that has been made and reflect on the important work that must continue."  Google put up a video sharing the stories of Trans Americans living everyday in their part of the world.

Google has long been supportive of its trans employees.  The company held its first trans-conference in NYC this year and created a Trans@Google education program for non-trans employees.

As transgender children and youth become increasingly visible and the communities around the United States come together to show their support especially this week, many people have questions about what it means for a teen or child to be transgender.  Some question if a child is old enough to know their own gender identity, many others are not sure what it means for a younger person to transition, and many what to know how they can help transgender or gender-expansive children in their communities grow up SAFE and HEALTHY!

Their are SO many outlets to educate yourself locally and around the world.  Let us come together as an ALLY, EDUCATOR, PARENT, EL PASOAN, AMERICAN, AND AS A HUMAN BEING!

WIth so many resources please click to place that next step to inform yourselves!  Borderland Rainbow Center, Transgender El Paso, OUTright Community CenterHuman Right Campaign, GLAAD, and The Trevor Project.