Cheese lovers you won’t want to miss this mountain of cheese every Wednesday at Entrecote & Co. in El Paso.

A few weeks ago a friend and I went to Entrecote & Co. to try their raclette cheese. I’d like to preface by saying that my friend and I are sincere lovers of cheese and when we saw that ooey-gooey cheese bubbling in its melting pan, we immediately looked at each other knowing that it was clearly going to be a deliciously decadent evening.

Raclette is derived from the French word Raclerâ, which means to ‘scrape’. As in, please scrape all that melty cheese goodness onto my plate. Raclette is a semi-soft cheese that is traditionally eaten in Switzerland and France. Our raclette was served bubbly hot on a melting pan along with potatoes and cornichons pickles, meats and some bread. Once we poured all that creamy and silky cheese over the potatoes and had our first bite we knew there was no going back. Pair this cheesy goodness along with a fine glass of wine and your taste buds will be soaring over those French Alps in no time.

Enjoy a taste of France in El Paso and don’t miss raclette cheese nights every Wednesdays at Entrecote & Co. beginning at 6 p.m. featuring live music and a perfectly chill atmosphere.

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