So many food trucks, so little time - If you love to venture out in search of new eats, then you must check out these five mouthwatering food trucks in El Paso. 

Over the last few years, food trucks have become serious business in town, and the blow-up means trying to keep up with all the new food trucks that have popped up especially during the pandemic. 

Scrolling through social media, I came across five food trucks that El Pasoans are raving about and decided to share with you so you can check out what the buzz is all about.  

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El Hibachi Grill 

El Pasoans, along with Alvin and Aaron Jones, loves El Hibachi Grill, which serves up Japanese-inspired cuisine. 

  • Popular Dish: The Hibachi Plate includes filet mignon, lobster tail, shrimp with a double scoop of fried rice, and veggies. Also, I’m told not to pass up on El Hibachi’s own Yum Yum and Ginger sauces. 
  • Where To Find Them: Every Thursday through Sunday at 1073 Country Club Road, and is also making up to three pop-ups in East El Paso at least three times a month. 
  • How To Order: Order in person or pre-order via DM or by phone at 915-838-3800. 
  • Prices: $10 and up 

Meech’s Hot Chicken

Meech’s Hot Chicken boasts itself as the “First and Only” food truck bringing Nashville Hot Chicken to El Paso serving up its signature sandwiches, sliders, and tenders.   

  • Popular Dish: The Nashville Style Chicken Sandwich, topped with homemade slaw, pickles, and comeback sauce on a brioche bun.  
  • Where To Find Them: Meech’s Hot Chicken is only open on weekends located near The Outlet Shoppes at El Paso. 
  • How To Order: Pre-order by messaging them on their Facebook page HERE 
  • Prices: $3 and up 

El Chucoviché-Maríscos y Michéladas

This place continues to seduce me with its countless Mariscos (seafood) images on social media imported fresh daily from Mexico.    

  • Popular Dish: Take your pick; everything looks unbelievably delicious as El Pasoans line up to get a taste of its agua chiles, tacos to shrimp cocktails, Clamatos, Michéladas and of course its signature dish, ceviche. 
  • Where To Find Them: El Chucoviché-Maríscos y Michéladas are located at 12520 Montana Avenue, 79938. Open Thursday - Sunday: 10 am until it completely sells out. 
  • How To Order: Order in person or online HERE  
  • Prices: $12 and up  

Amores Fingidos

"Amores Fingidos" sounds like it was inspired by a Telenovela, and with a name like that, I was hooked immediately! Amores Fingidos serves up authentic tacos thanks to its Trompo (the vertical rotating spit of pastor meat).

  • Popular Dish: Tacos Al Pastor 
  • Where To Find Them: Amores Fingidos can be found on Thursdays – Saturdays from 6 p.m. to 11 p.m. at the EP Fitness parking lot at 11701 Montwood Dr, 79936 
  • How To Order: Order in person or via UberEats 
  • Prices: $7 and up 

Thai Grub 

Thai Grub is so good that El Pasoans have been known to search all over the city to find this food truck serving up authentic, bold, and flavorful, made-to-order homestyle Thai dishes 

  • Popular Dish: Pad Thai  
  • Where To Find Them: Thai Grub is usually located Thursday – Saturday at the 1073 Country Club and once a week on as pop-ups on Tuesdays. 
  • How To Order: In-person or call or text for pick-up at 915-588-3636. 
  • Prices: $9 and up 

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