Luckily, there is a center in El Paso that can be really helpful for women and their children. Especially women who are expecting or currently caring for a baby who need a helping hand with baby supplies. That center is based out of a church in the Northeast part of town.

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There are some people who are struggling financially and could use a little help during inflation. Usually, it tends to be single mothers who are doing it alone that need a little extra help.

There are moms that don't have some of the help other moms are lucky to have. The moms that need a helping hand can get help from a non-profit organization in El Paso called HERPantry.

HERPantry helps women in El Paso by offering products for babies and women. Every month they will hold one or two distribution events offering free care packages.

The care packages distributed to local families contain diapers, baby wipes, infant formula, and menstrual products. Now when you think about those items add up and are needed on a daily basis.

Big and small babies go through diapers and baby wipes like crazy. Also, feeding time happens quite often and you also go through the baby formula quickly.

Well, you can pick up your care package today at Holy Ghost Tabernacle Church. HERPantry will be hosting a distribution event next Tuesday, August 16, from 6:30 pm to 7:30 pm.

So if you or someone you know needs help with baby or lady products, send them to the Northeast. HERPantry really helps out the El Paso community and surrounding communities as well. Make sure to bring your license or photo I.D. to pick up your care package.

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