If you are a member of GECU, you might have gotten an automated phone call, text message, or email telling you that your credit or debit cards have been blocked and you need to provide your personal information to the bank in order to reactivate your card.  WELL, DON'T BECAUSE IT'S A SCAM!


GECU officials say they NEVER ASK FOR PERSONAL INFORMATIONIf you get contacted by anyone claiming that they're from GECU and saying that there is a problem with your account so you should give them personal information over the phone, DELETE THE MESSAGE OR HANG UP THE PHONE!


If you have already given your personal information out, call  915-778-9221 or 800-772-4328.  That's the number to SmartCall, and they'll help you out.  And remember to always call your banking institution directly if you ever get a request for your personal information from anyone claiming to be from your bank.