Do you know a senior citizen who needs some help maintaining their yard? There is a new program offered by the city of Las Cruces that helps senior citizens not get a fine from codes.

Sometimes it's just hard to keep up with your yard as the leaves fall and in the summer when the monsoon season makes the weeds grow feet high. Senior citizens sometimes can't do the hard labor for yard work, especially in the blazing sun and hot temps or in the cooler month also.

If you’re a senior citizen living in Las Cruces, and you need help keeping up with your yard, you can call the City Codes Enforcement Office at (575) 528-4100 to apply. To qualify you must live in Las Cruces, own your own home, and be 60 years of age or older. The city is currently looking for more volunteers as well as applications for the Golden Shield Yard Assistance Program. Once your application is approved, the city will keep you on a list and will set up a time and date for a free courtesy cleanup.

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