Sure, we may have gotten a month's reprieve, but Uncle Sam will not be denied his paycheck. And by "his" we mean "yours". (His slice of yours, anyway. ;-)

If you're looking for help with your taxes but can't afford an accountant or tax preparation software, VITA Tax Assistance could be just what you need.

This week, we spoke with Ruby Alvarez, the Assistant Vice President for GECU's Community Development program. GECU has been spearheading VITA in El Paso for a number of years.

VITA stands for Volunteer Income Tax Assistance, a federal program that uses trained community volunteers to help prepare your taxes, free of charge. It's spearheaded by many civic and community service organizations across the country. In El Paso, That's the GECU Community Development program. Alvarez spoke about why GECU felt it was important for her department to carry VITA's mantle in the Sun City.

Alvarez also gives us the VITA basics – what you need to bring, where to bring it, how long the process takes, and more – but also filled us in on what her department is up to, and why.

Listen to the interview in the video above and click on the links for more details on how you can take advantage of this great community resource.


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