Starbucks has put a spell on customers to try every new weird frappuccino, including this new Witches Brew. We have seen Starbucks create weird flavors like dragon, zombie and dulce de leche. For Halloween 2018, there is no doubt Starbucks is playing up the witch factor due to the 25th anniversary of Hocus Pocus, and American Horror. Witches are having a moment in media, but they really are a cool costume every Halloween. I had to trick-or-treat myself to this purple drank.

Described as an orange crème frappucino with "imaginary bat warts and lizard scales," this drink was one of the first ads shoved in my face by Facebook this morning and it totally put me in a witchy mood. Once I got this purple elixir in my hands, I made sure to take photos, from many different angles before taking a sip.


Once the purple drink hits your lips, it is really going to hit you in the taste buds. It seems this drink is just an attempt to disguise an orange-creamsicle flavor with chia seeds by giving it a pretty color. I do enjoy the chia seeds as an attempt to gross you out with the description of those playing the role as warts and scales. When in reality, they are healthy seeds that puff up when they are in liquid too long. My tip for those who don't like chia seeds in their drink, you better drink this one fast or be prepared to fills some weird textures in your mouth. In my opinion, this witches brew is quite tasty, if you enjoy soggy fruity pebbles.

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