On Mike and Tricia Mornings, we are all about our Friday lattes, but we do not live on lattes alone. So we decided to try a drink from the secret Starbucks menu.

Starbucks recently made waves with its gross concoction, the Unicorn Frappuccino. The Unicorn was a mixture of massive quantities of sugar and regret as anyone who tried that nastiness found out. The Unicorn was only around a limited time, and while the hype about the Unicorn was still raging, the Dragon Frappuccino reared its red and green head on social media.

The Dragon Frappuccino is a mix of green matcha tea, vanilla bean powder, and a berry swirl. I tried the Unicorn Frappuccino and it was the grossest, sticky sweetest thing I'd ever tasted, so when Mike said he wanted to taste the Dragon Frap, I was not happy, but I stopped by the Starbucks at Airway and I-10 on Friday morning and got one.

I gotta tell you, I would order a green matcha tea frap any day of the week, but I'm not a fan of the berry swirl, so a real Dragon Frap isn't for me, but it is definitely better than that nasty Unicorn Frap any day. The coolest thing about our taste test is that the gals at Starbucks told me that they sold a ton of them and people said they heard about them on our show. It made us feel like we are kind of a big deal! If you order a Dragon Frap, make sure you tell them Mike and Tricia sent you.

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