WHATEVER HAPPENED TO THE LITTLE GIRL IN THE WESTERN PLAYLAND COMMERCIAL?: The Western Playland "What would you do to go to Western Playland?" commercial is one of the most enduring local commercials of the last decade. When you hear the the musical question posed you know it's summer in El Paso. And one of the more memorable parts  of  the ubiquitous commercial is the little girl who'll says she'll go so far as to eat her broccoli to go to Western Playland, then adds rather disgustedly,  "Yuuuck. " 

So what ever happened to the girl we've come to fondly refer to as "Broccoli Girl" on Mike and Tricia Mornings? What has she been up to and where is she now?  Fifteen years after she grudgingly swore she'd eat her broccoli, we caught up with the now 21-year-old Kathleen Jaramillo.

Kathleen was 5 or 6 when she tagged along with her friend Amanda, the daughter of  Jeff Goldberg of Ballyhoo Studios - the local production company who filmed the commercial. In this clip, she tells us what she remembers of that day, reveals the rather meager compensation she received for the commercial that heralds summer's arrival in El Paso, and confesses her love of ... broccoli!

Her visit to our studios was the first time Kathleen has been in El Paso since she and her family moved away a year or two after taking part in the commercial. Since then she's lived in Chicago, the New York area, and has back packed Australia.  Her self-professed 'gypsy life' a product of her father's success in the life insurance business.

Kathleen currently lives in Albuquerque and attends UNM. She's still very much a ham and hopes to get into acting, modeling, and maybe get a band together.

It was fun catching up with ' Broccoli Girl'. We wish her well and hope she accomplishes all of her dreams and desires. Of course, we couldn't let her leave without getting her to recreate her famous scene.

IS THERE an area 'celebrity' you've wondered "what ever happened to"? Let us know who and maybe we can track him or her down for a future interview.