Back in the day, there were no cell phones, no home computers, no internet, no flat screen tv's, no Starbucks.  Scary, huh, and yet somehow we managed to survive as a species!

Well a new survey asked what people needed to survive.  Just the bare necessities.  Here's the full list, in order . . .

1.  An internet connection.

2.  Television.

3.  Cuddling.  Yep, seriously.

4.  A trustworthy best friend.

5.  Daily showers.

6.  Central heating.

7.  A cup of tea.  The Brit’s did the survey, as you can tell by this one!

8.  Saying "I love you" once in a while.

9.  A solid marriage.

10.  A car.

11.  Glasses.

12.  Coffee.

13.  Chocolate.  Really?  13th?

14.  A night in on the couch.

15.  A glass of wine.  Really?  15th??

16.  A good cry once in a while.

17.  A big breakfast.

18.  A nice vacation.

19.  An iPhone.

20.  Beer


Top10 Things You Need To Live In El Paso

So it got me to thinking, what are the bare necessities for living in the EP?

1.  Shade.  Walk outside in today's 103 heat and you'll agree.

2.  A margarita.  Because why let all that shade go to waste?

3.  AC in the car.  Ever wonder what a chicken in an oven feels like?  You'll know once you ride around in an unAC'd ride.

4.  A friend with a backyard swimming pool.  Because you'll need somewhere to wash off all the sweat from riding around in an unAC'd ride.

5.  A grandchild by the time you're 40.  I'm looking at me on this one!

6.  At least one male family member who still rocks Drakkar Noir.

7.  A surefire recipe for menudo.  Because dragging your hungover butt out to find menudo is a beatdown.

8.  A passable cumbia.  That way no one will point and laugh at you at the quince.

9.  "Your Chico's".  There are Chico's Tacos all over town, but you only go to "your's" because it's the best in the city.

10.   A tv in your garage.  That way when you have people over to watch sporting events, they don't mess up the house.


What are your bare necessities for living in El Paso?

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