There are so many great El Paso Facebook pages out there that celebrate our city every day. Odds are, you might know a few of the big ones, but did you know about all of these?

We compiled a list, intentionally leaving off any big companies or Facebook pages that most people know about. Sorry El Paso Chihuahuas, you're too popular! We found pages that are updated regularly, are entertaining or informative, and most-importantly, are about El Paso! Check out our list below and tell us your favorite in the comments section. Click on the title of each of the pages to go directly to that Facebook page.

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    El Paso Live

    Every concert, every tour, and every festival -- El Paso Live has it covered. They know exactly what's going on in the Sun City and if you're looking for something to do, their Facebook page will give you a seemingly endless list of options.

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    Humane Society of El Paso

    This independent, non-profit shelter doesn't receive any government funding, yet takes in more than 3,500 owner-surrendered animals each year. If you love pets and believe in 'adopt, don't shop,' this is the page for you! Stay updated on fundraisers, Yappy Hours, and more.

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    Osaple, El Paso spelled backwards, is a great page to follow for all things celebrating our city. Whether it's a new restaurant review or a small show at a local bar, Osaple finds the best El Paso information from all over town and adds it to their Facebook page. If you love El Paso, you'll love Osaple.

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    DWNTWN El Paso

    There are more than a few people to who have a special place in their heart for Downtown El Paso. Here, you can find updates on construction, beautiful photos of the area, food specials in the downtown area, and much more. If you live or love Downtown El Paso, you'll find yourself at home with this Facebook page.

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    UTEP's Official Page

    From lectures to concerts to sports -- if it's happening at UTEP, this page has you updated. Student or not, UTEP's Facebook page will keep you informed on anything happening on campus, which often includes amazing shows and free movies!

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    Lost El Paso

    Step back in time with Lost El Paso and discover a Sun City that few of us had the pleasure to explore. Photos and stories from decades ago will have you reminiscing about the days of the Wild West and how far our city has come.

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    Visit El Paso

    Another great page for discovering events in El Paso, Visit El Paso focuses on events and features that would make anyone want to visit our great city. You'll find information on an array of events and tours, food and drink specials in town, concerts, marathons, and more!

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    KLAQ Balloonfest

    If you're a big rock fan, you won't want to miss out on this page. Rumor has it, they'll be giving away a ton of tickets on their page this year, so check it often.

    This year's theme is a tribute to Star Wars and yes, you'll see Yoda and Darth Vader there.

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    Lost and Found Pets of El Paso

    If every pet owner in El Paso liked this page, the lost four-legged friends of El Paso would find their homes much faster. Join this group to get updates on lost pets or to list your four-legged friend as missing.

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    El Paso Zoo

    If a daily dose of cute animals is just what you need to make it through the workday, the zoo is the Facebook page for you. There you can find cute animals, zoo specials, and information on upcoming projects and activities!

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    El Paso Foodies

    For those who can't wait to try out the newest restaurant in town, check out El Paso Foodies. You'll find reviews, and new openings, but most importantly, you'll find amazing photos of the best food in El Paso. On the fence about trying a new place? Check them out for photos and feedback!

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    El Paso Downtown Street Festival

    El Paso's longest-running street festival is a summer favorite for many El Pasoans. Like their page to get updates on who's coming next year and how to to win tickets

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    Freedom Crossing at Fort Bliss

    You'll find tons of events open to the public like Bliss, Brews, and Que, Friday at the Fire and more. Keep up-to-date on all the cool stuff going on at Fort Bliss with this page.

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    Downtown Arts District

    The Arts District Downtown is constantly bringing cool things to their area. Find out what's going on and where you can get artsy with their page, including 'Last Thursdays' art walks.

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    El Pasoans Fighting Hunger Food Bank

    Another great, local charity to support on Facebook, the El Pasoans Fighting Hunger, formerly known as The West Texas Food Bank, feeds thousands of El Pasoans every month.  Like their Facebook page to know when your help is needed, how to help feed the hungry with just a few bucks, and any contests they may need your help winning.

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    Center Against Family Violence

    Providing help and a safe place for those needing to escape family violence, the CAFV's Facebook page is a great way to follow the needs of your fellow El Pasoans. Have a few extra toys your child doesn't play with or maybe some clothes she outgrew? Keep an eye on this page to see if you have something a family in need could use.

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