El Pasoans know the struggle of smuggling food back home. It's funny because some El Pasoans who live outside the 915 area code miss Chico's Tacos. Hence, why family or friends grab Chico's Tacos before a road trip to take to someone outside of town.

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People from 915 but living outside of El Paso city limits ask for Chico's Tacos. Then you have El Pasoans who smuggle back some treats we may never see coming to the borderland. But never say never, right?

Well, a music buddy of mine takes advantage of his road trips out of town. He doesn't hesitate a moment when it all comes down to bringing back some treats from El Paso's most wanted, Cheesecake Factory. There have been so many false teasers leading some El Pasoans on.

All the fake Cheesecake Factory banners you've stumbled across on social media. If you've never been to Cheesecake Factory, that's probably why you don't understand the obsession. My first time eating at a Cheesecake Factory was in 2003.

My sister and her ex-fiancée took me to one in San Antonio. Their specialty drinks are delish as well as the food and treats. In fact, SO GOOD, the cheesecake is smuggle-worthy.

Take it from this smart El Paso native whose dessert game is banging. Launchpad McQuack aka Rob's officially a cheesecake bandit with his own Cheesecake Factory stash he smuggles back home. I swear the things we have to do for the food we love. In my opinion, something like this should grab Cheesecake Factory's attention. Maybe then, El Paso's most wanted food chain will finally come to El Paso. Share your two cents if you believe El Paso deserves a Cheesecake Factory below.

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