One of the things you find out when you travel is exactly how few chain restaurants we really have in El Paso. We have Olive Gardens and Starbucks but what about Cheesecake Factory? Or how about Panera? With Mesa in the UTEP area about to get a new Dutch Bros. and the northeast part of town getting a new Olive Garden, we asked Mike and Tricia listeners what restaurants they would like to see come to town next.

Carol said she wants a Dallas Cowboys legend to open one of his restaurants here:

Troy's. It's owned by Troy Aikman and it has good burgers and wings. It's kind of a bar/restaurant.

Mari says she wants some more chicken in her life:

Boston Market because it's upscale fast food that is healthier for you.

Homemade Rotisserie Chicken with Herbs and Lemons

Marisela wants something she saw on tv:

So I saw this restaurant chain on shark tank and now want one here. It’s called Tom & Che. They make specialty grill cheese sandwiches with tomato soup, and the bread the use is like doughnut dough. When I saw them on tv I was like lol

Gaby is after my own heart:

We need a cheesecake factory

Mature woman sharing slice of cheesecake with adult daughter

Liza wants something that a lot of locals don't think can stand up to Whataburger:

We need an In & Out!!!!

Kate wants some Brazilian steakhouse action:

I would love to see a Fogo de Chão or a Texas de Brazil

Manny says he's ok with Corner Bakery but:

Definitely a Panera bread!

Healthy Organic Whole Grain Bagel for Breakfast

It's unlikely these places will be hitting El Paso anytime soon but we can dare to dream.

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