I give these guys a lot of credit for what they do but are they going to have crazy drama like all the shows on Bravo? I need some table flipping!

Four of El Paso's barbers are putting together a reality show to document their journey to build their own empire. I like the idea of people who aren't already rich showing the struggle to make it in the business.

The Real Housewives series on Bravo is sort of a guilty pleasure for me but it's all because of my mom. They are sometimes entertaining but it's only because I like to watch the arguments. They give me new words to use whenever I go crazy!

These guys are highlighting a industry we don't see too much of on television. I honestly don't really know what's going on but I am intrigued to know after watching these previews. I really love the hair these girls are rocking in these video since my hair looks like I'm trying to be My Little Pony right now.

They showcase some awesome hair art but I would really love to see more information given to viewers. We need to get to know these guys, the hair art and the events that go on.

Let's see if this show can get on Bravo or the E network. If they Kardashians can, anyone can.