I like spending time in the kitchen but I don’t consider myself a pro, that’s for sure. I like to make quick & easy things and so I came upon this recipe through one of my friends. It’s Chile Verde Chicken Posole and I make it pretty frequently because it’s so simple, prep time is really fast and the whole process takes about an hour without much effort. I only spend about $20 and it serves anywhere between 12-16 bowls! It’s perfect for the fall El Paso weather right now with that cold little chill in the air! Don’t you just wanna come home to a nice warm bowl of chile verde chicken soup, hominy, zesty-lemon flavors with cilantro, avocado and an oregano finish? There really isn’t too much space to mess up the process so feel free to play with the recipe until you find what’s perfect for you!

Here’s what you’ll need:

-Large Can of Hominy (I drain the hominy, the chicken broth is enough water base for your soup)

-Chicken Legs (I like to use shredded dark meat because I find that it’s more flavorful than chicken breast and really inexpensive. Use as little or as much as you’d like. I use about 10)

-10-13 Tomatillos (Peel and toss in blender with jalapeños to make your sauce)

-8 Jalapeños (I use a whole one and the rest I split in half and take out the seeds)

-Knorrs Chicken Flavor Seasoning (Add to taste)

-Herdez Tomatillo Sauce (Add to taste, sometimes I’ll use the whole jar, other times I won’t need very much because the tomatillos & jalapeños are enough)

-Lime (dress your bowl with lime if you’d like)

-Avocado (add avocado to your bowl if you’d like)

-Cilantro (add to your bowl if you’d like)

-Bread & Butter (bread & butter are just necessary, dip and enjoy!)

Step by Step:

I boil the chicken legs then pull it from the broth to shred. After blending the jalapeños and tomatillo, toss the ‘sauce’ into the broth and add the shredded chicken then throw in the drained hominy and let the flavors marry. Add the Knorrs Chicken Flavor Seasoning (AKA the secret ingredient to everything) into the broth. I play with the ingredient quantities to find the taste I like but refrain from adding too much. Less is more. Once the soup is to a boil I add chopped cilantro to the top, give it a stir, set it and forget it. Chopped onion might be nice, but I personally don't include it. Brown some bread, add butter and dress your pozole with lime, oregano and avocado or omit the garnishes you’d like and enjoy! The quantity that I make is a large pot and I can get anywhere between 12-16 servings. The only rule is that you have to give away a bowl to a friend, family or stranger. :)

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