We might not have snow covering the roads of El Paso but we do have plenty of orange barrels. One El Pasoan decided to get into the holiday spirit by creating her own El Paso Christmas decor, an orange barrel. I did not ask my friend how she has acquired an orange barrel but I am not here to judge. These orange barrels are all around El Paso all year long, so it is time to get festive with them.

As you can see, this glorious barrel has been decorated with garland, lights, a giant bow, and even a large Santa hat. I have never seen such a beautiful orange barrel. Only the magic of Christmas could make the most hated thing in El Paso, one of the lovely Christmas decorations.

Lindsey Bell via Facebook
Lindsey Bell via Facebook

What El Paso themed decorations do you own? Should we switch out trees for barrels? We should start a new downtown tradition and decorate all the construction sites, then head over to the one by the Fountains of Farah. Only Santa knows when that will be complete!

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